Elauwit Media was named the fastest-growing newspaper publisher in the nation.

Elauwit Media was named the fastest-growing newspaper publisher in the nation in August 2009 by Inc. Magazine with the release of the magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in America. Elauwit Media was ranked 1,577 on the list of 5,000. It was rated 48th in the Philadelphia region, and 20th on the list of media companies. It was the only newspaper publisher in the top 20 ranking of media companies. There are more than 27 million businesses registered in the U.S., according to Inc. In previous years, the top 5,000 list has included companies such as Microsoft, Timberland, Intuit, Jamba Juice, Oracle and Under Armour.

Elauwit Media posted revenue growth of about 203 percent from 2005 through 2008.

At a time when many newspaper publishers are making headlines for their bankruptcies and layoffs, Elauwit Media is proud to be rated No. 1 in the nation in terms of growth,Ó Publisher Dan McDonough Jr. said. ÒOur business model is unique to the industry Ð and so are the results we deliver for our advertisers. We are successful because they are successful.Ó

Elauwit Media publishes community weekly newspapers in Haddonfield, Moorestown, Cherry Hill East, Voorhees, Marlton and Medford. Earlier this year, it unveiled its Strategically Targeted Online Marketing Program, or STOMP, which allows businesses to get maximum return on their online marketing programs.


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