Elauwit to provide telecom to Seattle's Grandview Condominiums

Elauwit is proud to announce that it will provide telecommunications services to Grandview Condominiums, a 108-unit building in downtown Seattle, Wash. Built in the 1980s, Grandview Condominiums’ telecom cable system was 25 years old, and residents found themselves dissatisfied with both the television and Internet quality in this high-tech city. The homeowners association, through its board of directors, considered numerous options and proposals to find a solution that would best meet their demands. Following a presentation to the board by Elauwit, and a comprehensive review of Elauwit's plans by Grandview's independent engineering consultant, Grandview decided to take advantage of the highest quality residential telecom available today while also availing themselves of substantial cost-savings in the monthly bill of every resident. The association is acquiring the telecom services in "bulk" on behalf of the residents, and residents directly benefit from the savings.


The Board selected Elauwit in April, and the project will begin in earnest later this summer, with a completion date in approximately five months.

Elauwit is installing fiber to the unit in this project; each unit will contain an ONT/Optical network Terminal to distribute the highest quality, future-proof video and Internet signals. The telecom network that will be installed will deliver the following to every unit:

• IPAdvantage DirecTV Choice 150 channel HD video

• 10/10 Mbps Internet with unlimited devices

• VOIP telephone

Residents also benefit from Elauwit's call center and technical support, community portal and communication tools, and the ability to upgrade their television programming to any DirecTV product, as well as to upgrade individual Internet speeds up to 100/100 Mbps.