Elauwit re-designs Web sites, launches four new Sun Spots

Elauwit is pleased to announce that it has re-designed its Sun Spot online news portal and has launched new Web sites in four additional markets. “Our new 2.0 design is cleaner and sleeker and makes it easier for our visitors to find the news they want to read and interact with us on a more consistent basis,” said Tim Ronaldson, Elauwit’s director of digital media. “We’re also excited about our expansion into four key markets, strengthening our coverage in both the Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions.”

With the recent addition of four more Sun Spots, Elauwit now covers seven key metro regions:

Southern New Jersey

Central New Jersey

Staten Island, N.Y.

Charlotte, N.C.

Columbia, S.C.

Charleston, S.C.

Greenville, S.C.

An additional Sun Spot is planned for Washington, D.C.

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