Elauwit CEO discusses past, present and future of SunNe.ws

Elauwit’s CEO Dan McDonough recently highlighted Sun News – its past, present and future – in an online Q&A with inVocus’ Katrina M. Mendolera. He addressed questions about Elauwit’s product, as well as the industry as a whole. One of our favorite snippets, in response to the future of the company’s print newspapers and digital products: “We will be successful in print for years to come. And we will continue to launch community newspapers for years to come. The business model is still strong for print when done the smart way. But at some point (10 years, 15 years), it will not be. That’s why figuring out the smart way to provide advertising solutions for small businesses digitally is a priority for us. We want to stay one step ahead.”

To see the full interview, visit inVocus here.

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