Elauwit Media adds 13,800 homes to circulation this week

The residents of Robbinsville and West Windsor, NJ will notice a new addition to their mailbox this week - a Sun newspaper.

Elauwit Media has added the two Central Jersey towns to their long list of community papers in the South and Central New Jersey markets. The Robbinsville Sun and the West Windsor Sun will join three other Central Jersey communities including Montgomery, Hopewell and Lawrence that receive a Sun newspaper each week.

Elauwit recently opened a new office in Princeton, New Jersey to accommodate customers, clients and constituents of its Central New Jersey newspaper market.

"We're very excited to expand our footprint in the Central New Jersey market," CEO Dan McDonough, Jr. said. "With the recent expansion into West Windsor and Robbinsville, and the opening of a new office in Princeton, Elauwit is poised to continue to grow."

Residents of Robbinsville and West Windsor can look forward to community news content that is unmatched against our competitors. We'll provide local news about your town including government, schools and your neighbors, delivered for free each week right to your mailbox.

The new print publication is not all Elauwit will bring to the two new markets. There will also be a significant online presence. There are supplemental web sites for residents who live in our markets. Robbinsville and West Windsor's web sites will include some information from the weekly print publication, but will also include exclusive local news that will only be found online. In addition, there will be Robbinsville Sun and West Windsor Sun Facebook and Twitter - @RobbinsvilleSun and @WestWindorSun - pages for both communities, where residents can voice their opinions about what's going on in their community.

As you can see, we are fully submerged in the new communities we serve. If you have news, specific questions or would like to advertise in any of Elauwit's newspapers, please call us. We are here to serve you...the residents, business people, movers and shakers of our area publications.

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