NPR features off-campus dorms, and Elauwit client, EdR

The folks at NPR have caught wind of the new way of college living. It's not the cinder block, institution-like hole out of which many of us may have graduated. Instead, it's real apartment living with private bathrooms, roomy living spaces and multiple windows. One thing they barely touched on, though, was the one thing that college students say is the most important...

Their data and TV services.

In their report, NPR stopped in Bettie Johnson Hall at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Managed by Education Realty Trust, the property has all the bells and whistles...including super-fast and reliable internet and television services. The freshman student they interviewed there was "sprawled on a couch watching MTV."

To the quality of living point that NPR hones in on in their report, Elauwit Chairman, Russell Cann, points out some critical points, specifically regarding internet and TV as it relates to the college student. In off-campus housing, the number one important amenity across the board is data access – how much internet do you have, how much of it can the student use and how reliable it is. Further:

  • Students have said they will move to a different complex if the place they are living at does not have decent internet access.
  • A big part of student life – classes, group interaction, professor conferences, report submissions, etc – happens online. Therefore, data capacity is key.
  • Private developers – who the universities are turning to to develop housing -- know that students have the highest demand for data of any population segment in America.

So, many private developers, including EdR, are turning to Elauwit to bring their customers, the students, the best quality, service and products they can.

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