Grandview property, Elauwit technology featured in a 3M ad campaign

Take a look at the latest 3M national advertising campaign. Recognize anything? Yup. That's Grandview Condominiums they are talking about. You'll remember that Elauwit is the data, television, and telephone provider for the high-end condo building.

During the installation process, our reps looked to 3M for a solution to get the fiber through the building's hallways and units that would match the caliber of the building's modern design. Basically, they needed a better way to hide the stuff.

3M's One Pass products were that solution. And, when it came time to promote the product, the execs at 3M couldn't think of a better example to show off the One Pass product's value than the Grandview installation.

Read the full story that 3M wrote up about the process, complete with a full interview and many quotes from our own Chief Technology Officer, Taylor Jones.

The whole thing...Grandview, our Triple Play package, and 3M...have caught the eye of at least one technology publication, Broadband Communities Magazine, which has reprinted the story in their digital magazine.

We are truly honored to be highlighted in such a way alongside a mega brand like 3M, and to be recognized for our out-of-the box plan for the Grandview upgrade.

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