Elauwit Media reorganizes management and promotes from within

At Elauwit, we truly value our team and look at each employee as much of an investment as our customers. We ask a lot from our management team, and so when it was time to rearrange the flow chart, we only looked within to do so. Starting from the top, Dan McDonough, Jr, has stepped down as CEO. Dan has led our company through a very difficult economic period in our nation’s history and did a fantastic job!

The company more than doubled its revenues under Dan’s watch and, more importantly, we survived a difficult economic time and have come out of it a much stronger company. Our revenue and profitably growth rate under his leadership is indeed the major stepping off point for our future expansion.

"There were times that I think he kept the company going with nothing more than his willpower! Those times are past us now and the company is on strong footing – and in large part that is due to his efforts and leadership," said Chairman, Russell Cann.

Dan is not leaving Elauwit, only changing roles. He will lead major revenue initiatives while Barry Rubens, our former CFO and our new CEO, concentrates on day-to-day management of the company.

Ed Lynes, former Vice President of Sales at Elauwit Media, will move over to a lead sales role at Elauwit Networks, and Joe Eisele will be replacing him as Elauwit Media's Vice President of Sales.

Joe has been with Elauwit since December 2010. In the past 15 months, he's provided key leadership to the sales department's two most ambitious projects: customer retention and growth into the Princeton, N.J. market. Under Joe, account retention doubled during 2011.

"His success in Princeton should be known to everyone. There's no doubt that under his guidance, Elauwit Media will continue to grow in 2012 and beyond," said Lynes.

Alan Bauer, an integral part of Elauwit Media from its inception, has been promoted to Vice Chairman of Elauwit Media. He will maintain his former roles of General Manager and Editor.

Steve Miller will be taking on the new role as publisher, responsible for sales, community relations and customer service. Steve has been with Elauwit Media since 2005, serving first as vice president of sales. Steve has helped see the company through the launch of newspapers in more than 10 communities.

Bruce Sanders will take on the role of Executive Vice President of Elauwit, with his focus being on marketing the entire company and its many valuable assets. Bruce joined Elauwit Networks in 2010 as the Vice President of Sales. Under his leadership, Networks has been chosen as the provider of choice for nearly all of the Top 5 student housing companies in the U.S.

Dan, Barry, and Bruce will all relocate their main offices to Charleston, SC, where Elauwit's main headquarters will soon be located. But, more on that next week!