Connecting with Elauwit is easier than you might think

We're a growing Media and Telecom company, so you may or may not be surprised to learn how integrated into social networking we are. Some telecom companies, like us, are fully submerged into the culture while others avoid it like the plague.

But, we think that giving our direct customers -- the student housing companies and the students who live there as well as  the newspaper advertisers and readers -- a way to reach us is critical to our growth and understanding. We don't want to be unreachable. We don't want to be above the people who we've worked so hard to gain the trust of. So, we work just as hard to employ, engage and maintain our many social networks.

We encourage everyone to follow us, even if you aren't directly related to any of our brands, as the content we are publishing is relevant to everyone, not just a student or a home/business owner in the Southern or Central New Jersey markets.

Check out our corporate and individual brands at any (or all) of the following:

We also regularly post content on sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon.

By following us at these social media sites, you will be able keep up with Elauwit as a company as well as our individual products -- town newspapers, online publications, and networks division. We work hard to put ourselves out there, and we hope you'll take some time to connect!