Elauwit is a glimmer of light during DirecTV/Viacom blackout

Recently, a financial dispute between Viacom and DirecTV resulted in a major blackout for 17 of cable TV's most popular channels. Because nearly 95% of our properties use DirecTV as their cable provider, this was a huge blow to most of our end users. Many of them had no idea DirecTV and Viacom were in negotiations, and woke up that Tuesday morning with no MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and many other of their favorites. It would have been easy for us to throw our hands up, say it was out of our control, and defer all of our clients' complaints to DirecTV and/or Viacom. But, we didn't. We pride ourselves on customer service, and regardless of whose fault it is, we react as if it were our own.

"We believe our clients have an expectation that the customer service Elauwit provides will always go above and beyond the call of duty. And that was exactly the case with the DirecTV/Viacom dispute," said Taylor Jones, our president and chief technology officer.

So, when the DirecTV channels went dark on Tuesday morning, we sprung into action. By the weekend, we had comparable alternative programming at all of our sites, effectively replacing most of the 17 channels that were down from Viacom.

This was not easy, nor was it free. Yet, the expense it took to get the programming was not passed along to any of our property owners or clients.

Then, when the dispute was resolved, we reacted quickly to undo everything we'd done the week before and restore all programming back to the original channels.

"Even in unforeseen circumstances completely beyond our control, Elauwit stepped in with a temporary solution that did not cost our clients, or their residents, a dime," said Bruce Sanders, Elauwit's executive vice president. "That is exactly what we mean when we say Elauwit not only builds networks, but also builds relationships with our clients."