Happy Veterans Day to these employees and everyone who's served

Elauwit employees, we believe, are the soul of our company. As other businesses will contest, it is hard to find great employees and that is true of Elauwit, too. We are looking for honest team players that work to the best of their abilities 100% of the time. That's asking a lot of any person, but we are proud to say that we've managed to acquire quite a team that continues to over-deliver for us. No employees is this more true for than our veterans. Our Networks division is based in Columbia, SC, home to Fort Jackson, the U.S. Army's largest entry training center. Columbia sees many, many military personnel and we are more than happy to take them in no matter their status -- active or retired.

Elauwit is proud to have some of the country's most loyal, honorable, and dependable people on staff. We pride ourselves on having members of our country's brave military as members of the Elauwit family. And, this Veterans Day, we'd like to recognize them for fighting for our freedoms as well as working to make Elauwit the company that it is today.

Will Martin - Army Reserve until January.  SGT / E-5 Gabe Mariscal - Army Reserve Scott Sutherland - USN, 2001-2006, E4 Sal Buscemi - Army National Guard Jeff McCowin - U.S Navy  E-4

Thank you to our own vets and to every veteran for all they've done for all of us.

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave." -Elmer Davis