Students say they can't live without Internet, and Elauwit is there for them

It’s no secret that smart phones have become one of the most important technological devices today. These amazing inventions don’t just make phone calls, send text messages and emails, but serve as handheld computers for what seems like people of all ages. They’ve become lifelines for business people and college students who seems to have their eyes and ears glued to their phones every second. Recently, Online Degrees released a study about the usage of smart phones by college students. Following today’s protocol, the study, called “Mobile Lives of College Students,” was presented in a neatly designed info graphic.

Some interesting stats to come out of the study:

• 53% of students own a smartphone while 47% own a feature phone.

• The iPhone is the most popular smart phone used by students (40%) followed by RIM (26%), Android (22%), Windows (8%) and Palm (4%).

• SMS, e-mail, phone calls and browsing the web are the four most popular uses of smart phones, with driving/walking directions, weather, news and Twitter being the next four most popular uses.

• 92% of students use their smart phones during idle time and 82% use it for school-related tasks.

• 77% use smart phones when they first wake up in the morning, 72% use it before they go to sleep, and 47% use it in the bathroom.

All these stats once again prove that a reliable Wireless Internet connection is essential for today’s college students. It’s why student housing developers turn to Elauwit to provide their residents with what they need – a fast, effective and reliable way to connect to the Internet on the go.

Don’t believe that Internet is that important? Check out this infographic called “Connected World Order.” Cisco interviewed college students and young professionals from around the world to see exactly what the Internet means to them. The results? Two-thirds of respondents would choose the Internet over a car, and one-third said the Internet is as important as food, water and air…FOOD, WATER AND AIR!! Two-fifths of students even said that the Internet is more important than partying. My, how times have changed!

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