Elauwit promotes within to hire executive editor

Tim Ronaldson, an eight-year veteran of Elauwit, has been named executive editor of Elauwit Media, parent company of The Sun newspapers.

He replaces Alan Bauer, one of the founders of Elauwit Media, who has been editor and general manager since 2004.

Ronaldson recently has served Elauwit Media as director of digital media. He now will lead The Sun’s news department.

“Alan is the most versatile newsman I’ve ever met,” said Dan McDonough, Jr., a co-founder of Elauwit Media and the company’s current chairman of the board. “Beyond that, he’s been a great business partner, too. His fingerprints will long last on this organization we built together, and that’s a great thing.”

Ronaldson joined Elauwit Media in March 2005 as The Sun’s first managing editor. He ascended the ranks as the company grew larger, from one weekly newspaper in Haddonfield to a combined 14 in the South Jersey and Central Jersey markets.

“Tim has the Elauwit spirit at his core,” McDonough said. “I’m excited to see how he will leave his mark while continuing our tradition of being the go-to news source for our readers.”

Ronaldson also has served as associate publisher for Elauwit business publications in South Carolina, and has worked for Elauwit’s Networks division, based in Columbia, S.C.

“I’m honored and humbled to be named Executive Editor, and am very excited about helping to move this company forward,” Ronaldson said. “I thank Alan for his training, leadership and support.”

Ronaldson said he plans to build off the solid community news foundation that Bauer created at The Suns, while focusing on key areas that are necessary for future success in the industry – such as a focus on online and mobile content.

Tim can be reached at (856) 528-4993 or by email at tronaldson@elauwit.com.

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