Elauwit completes two data conversions for Peak Campus

Residents of Pembroke Place in Pembroke, North Carolina and Vista Place in Russellville, Arkansas are all a few of the newest subscribers to Elauwit Networks. It might seem like an odd time to convert a property's data service, but for the executives at Peak Campus, it was important to get it done quickly and seamlessly. Pembroke Place management took to their Facebook page to make the announcement,"WE ARE SUPER EXCITED TO annouce our new Internet provider Elauwit... so that we can make sure you have the best internet! Thank your for your patience with the Internet upgrade. It will be worth it!"

As you can imagine, there was a significant amount of cooperation that had to take place to ensure the residents would have as little interruption in service as possible.

At Pembroke Place, the conversion happened in two phases. First, the property was converted and the residents were placed on a temporary circuit until the permanent one could be delivered from the provider. The final phase of the conversion, which would be happening during exam time, would upgrade the residents to the permanent 200 megabit circuit.

Vista Place's entire conversion happened in one phase over a period of a few days.

And, after it was all said and done, both conversions went off without a major hiccup thanks to our dedicated team of technicians and the property managers at each property.

"The Peak conversions went smoothly. The staff were great to work with at both Pembroke Place and Vista Place. Outages were kept to a minimum and we were constantly in contact with users and staff to ensure that they were back in service as soon as possible," said Joe Nation, senior network engineer on both projects. "In the end, they are now functioning better than before, and we are very happy to have these locations as new business partners."


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