Elauwit Networks' techs gather for training conference

On Monday, March 18, a variety of Elauwit Networks' employees will meet for three days in Columbia to take in some critical training.

More than 40 of Elauwit's field techs, outside plant technicians, field operations, network operations, project managers, and local project managers (site superintendent) will meet at 701 Whaley, a premier venue site in downtown Columbia. During the three-day training conference, attendees will learn about proper ISW techniques, site management and expectations, and specific tools and techniques for video and data operations.

"It is critical that Elauwit prepares itself for massive growth this summer by investing in training our staff on how to deliver our services in the most effective and efficient manner. It is imperative that all of us are working from the same playbook and comfortable with the new electronics, OSP materials and services that we are deploying to our new customer base. Training allows all of us to meet, learn, discuss and prepare for a very busy next two quarters of construction," said Taylor Jones, chief technology officer at Elauwit.

This summer, Elauwit will be taking on several new projects, including new build construction as well as on-site conversions of existing properties. As we tackle these, our techs and support team will be well-versed on a variety of tools and techniques. Ongoing education on these topics is critical to being the kind of company we feel sets us apart from the competition.

"It is very likely that between now and the end of summer, Elauwit will activate more student housing beds with combined video and data service than any PCO (private cable operator) ever has. It’s a great time to be a part of Elauwit Networks. Yet we all know that with growth comes responsibility. Now is the time for each and every one of us to recommit in providing the industry-leading top-notch service for which we are known," said Bruce Sanders, executive vice president of Elauwit Networks.

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