Elauwit named telecom service provider for new Aspen Heights projects

Aspen Heights will welcome 4,700 college students to its brand new, off-campus, cottage-style dorms this August, and Elauwit Networks’ data services will connect them with the World Wide Web. “Aspen Heights is an exciting and aggressive young company developing purpose-built cottage communities for student housing. They like to say they are ‘revolutionizing student housing,’ which makes Elauwit and Aspen a great fit for each other,” said Bruce Sanders, Elauwit’s executive vice president.

Students moving into Aspen Heights properties in Columbia, Mo., Clemson, S.C., Harrisonburg, Va., Murfreesboro, Tenn., Statesboro, Ga., and Stillwater, Okla., will receive Elauwit’s high speed Internet with WiFi and television services.

"We are thrilled to be working with Elauwit Networks on these new projects. Their team has brought a level of excitement and professionalism to this process that we've been looking for in the industry," said David Mercer, Vice President of Construction at Aspen Heights.

Elauwit has deployed GPON, a technology that enables Elauwit to serve multiple rooms via one, single optical fiber. It streamlines the entire installation as well as reduces the amount of equipment needed on-site.

“We are excited to work with new clients like Aspen as it challenges us to engineer and deliver solid technological solutions for different forms of communities with varying topologies,” said Taylor Jones, Elauwit’s chief technology officer. “This pushes our team to learn, expand skill-sets and hone existing skills and capabilities.”

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