Elauwit Media invests in anticipation of growth

In anticipation of continued growth, Elauwit Media is pleased to welcome five new employees to our Haddonfield headquarters.

Arlene Reyes and Alex Rosati have joined the sales department; Nick Cohen and Patricia Dove have joined the news department; and Stephanie Lippincott has joined the art department.

“We are excited to welcome Arlene, Alex, Nick, Patricia and Stephanie to the team,” said Tim Ronaldson, executive editor. “This new wave of hiring across all departments of Elauwit Media will help position us for even more growth over the coming months.”

Arlene and Alex are responsible for obtaining and retaining customers for Elauwit Media’s Sun newspapers’ print and online versions; Nick is responsible for covering stories, shooting photos and communicating with community members; Patricia handles the layout and design of the Sun print publications; and Stephanie is the art department’s second full-time hire, providing support to art director, Tom Engle.

All five hires will help Elauwit Media grow beyond what it is now, increasing sales and customer satisfaction, and improving the quality and quantity of our content and design.