Elauwit Campus Partners kicks off the summer with Innovasian Cuisine

Elauwit Campus Partners (ECP) has teamed up with Innovasian Cuisine to host a block party at The Pointe at South Florida in Tampa. Innovasian's food truck will be on site feeding the residents free food including General Tso's Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice and Sweet & Sour Chicken in take-out boxes. The students will also enjoy music, giveaways and free product coupons just for showing up.

"We are so excited to host this event. Giving our residents a sense of community through out-of-the-box events like this one is exactly what separates us from our competition in the student housing market. We wouldn't have missed this opportunity for the world!," said Patti Seaburg, community manager at The Pointe at South Florida.

"Across the board, this is a great opportunity for all parties involved as it will give the residents a free meal and the property a nice marketing opportunity. It also allows us to develop a case study with photographs and video for us to highlight  a successful event at an EdR property," said Sara Rubens, president of ECP.

Elauwit Campus Partners has developed a program called H.A.G.O (Have A Good One!) which is designed to help brands get in front of our clients' student residents by providing strategic product placement, samples and sponsorships. Free goody bags filled with free samples targeted to the student demographic, parties and highly specific logo placement programs (think sun tan lotion logos in the bottom of the pool, protein bars in the gym and energy drinks in the internet cafe) are all available to Elauwit customers and their residents through this unique and specialized program.

If you would like more information about how you can host your own block party with one of our participating sponsors, please contact Sara Rubens.