Elauwit helps Granville Towers recover quickly after storm leaves 5-foot flood

One of the properties we manage, Granville Towers in Chapel Hill, N.C., was recently hit with an unexpected natural disaster...flooding. And, quite a bit of it, too. A string of storms came through the area the weekend of June 29 and affected the basement of the residence hall. Obviously floors and walls were damaged, workout equipment was destroyed, and the headend that organizes the entire property's internet and cable network was ruined.

Within hours, we had been notified of the damage and sent our team up to the University of North Carolina campus to sort it all out. Technicians Sal Buscemi and David Mead worked well into the night to get it fixed, completing it around 3 a.m.

“The speed and accuracy at how Elauwit handled this situation was amazing.  What could have been a disaster that had lasting implications was dealt with quickly and thoroughly, minimizing the downtime and impact to our residents.  Elauwit did a phenomenal job responding and they worked as a team with everyone involved," said Scott P. Casey, chief technology officer and senior vice president of strategic business development at Education Realty Trust, the company who owns and manages the Granville Towers property.

The quick turnaround was due in large part to Buscemi and Mead's efforts, but EdR and Elauwit executives worked together to expedite shipping equipment to the site and no unforeseen obstacles were encountered, making it such a smooth fix for the guys.

To prevent future flooding problems, they moved all the equipment on the racks three-to-five feet from the ground, and added an extra rack to handle the shift.
This was indeed a job well done and a disaster handled properly by all involved. We are very proud of our team.
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