Elauwit invades Eugene, Oregon

Considering the size of Eugene and the growth of the student housing market in "college towns" like these, it's sort of surprising that it's taken this long for us to get there. But, even though it took a few years, we're coming in fast and strong.

Elauwit Networks will be servicing two properties in Eugene this fall with a total of more than 1,000 students taking up residence. Is our blood running green yet?

The first property is 13th & Olive. This Capstone Collegiate Communities property is located just west of the  University of Oregon campus next to downtown Eugene. It's downtown living with just a short walk to campus. It has 231 units and 786 beds.
The second property is University House - Arena District. This Inland American property is located near Fairmont City Park on the east edge of campus. It's small with just 244 beds, but packs a punch. It's LEEDs-certified and features solar roof panels and solar hot water.
So, here's to the Ducks!
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