Elauwit Media to launch two new newspapers in South Jersey cluster

Starting on Wednesday, August 21, the communities of Cinnaminson and Delran will join the family of Sun newspapers in Southern New Jersey, giving us 16 weekly newspapers total, 11 of which are located in South Jersey. Every Wednesday, 7,572 homes in Cinnaminson (Zip Code 08077) and 6,454 homes in Delran (Zip Code 08075) will receive a unique copy of The Sun, exclusively covering the news of each town’s municipal affairs, school district, people, places, community groups, houses of worship, events and more.

The Sun will arrive every week in each resident’s mailbox – not dropped on the lawn – free of charge, providing recipients a quality and convenient publication to read, and providing the best marketing value of its kind to local businesses.

"With the launch of the Cinnaminson and Delran Suns, we now have the added coverage and circulation needed to position ourselves as a primary advertising buy in Burlington County, New Jersey. These are great towns that will more than compliment our existing offering in the South Jersey cluster," said Joe Eisle, Vice President of Sales for Elauwit Media.

In advance of the first issues of The Cinnaminson Sun and The Delran Sun, Elauwit Media is offering pre-launch advertising specials! For more information, contact Joe Eisele, vice president of sales, via email (jeisele@elauwit.com) or phone (856-528-4703).

We look forward to serving the communities of Delran and Cinnaminson, starting in a few short weeks!

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