Aspen Heights release regarding Insignia televisions

UPDATE: 9.20.13 Your converter boxes have begun shipping. Please see your property manager to confirm arrival and sign out your converter box. Converter boxes are reserved for residents who are using an Aspen Heights issued televisions only. Below are instructions on setting up your converter box. If you have any issues or questions, you can call the Elauwit help desk at 800-611-9837. A full PDF version of the instructions are available here: TC QAM Remote-Instructions





























The 50 inch living room Insignia television provided to residents by Aspen Heights is not compatible with the advanced fiber network at the property. The TVs were advertised as having the necessary tuner that would allow viewing of the provided channels without the need for additional equipment; however, the tuners in the TVs are not working correctly. This has resulted in issues with skipping and missing channels.

Aspen Heights has ordered tuners that can be added behind the TVs to resolve this issue. The necessary equipment has been ordered and delivery to the property is expected during the next week or so.

Residents will be notified by Aspen Heights when to pick up their converter from the property management office. If help is needed connecting the tuner, Elauwit will be able to provide customer assistance. Until the tuners arrive, Elauwit will leave video support tickets open.

SummerLindsey Johns