Elauwit Networks launches new resident management system, ArrowPoint

Elauwit Networks has distinguished itself in the market by developing and operating its very own proprietary resident management system. Originally it was known as myElauwit. It allowed property managers to access critical information about their network, residents, and telecom customer support. It allowed us to be completely transparent, making data points available to property managers. But, we quickly learned that it wasn't enough. Some property managers used it in limited form and others had never heard of it at all. So, we took to the drawing board, to redevelop and completely redesign the system. The result is ArrowPoint.

ArrowPoint, in keeping with the Native American roots of our corporate name (Elauwit means "The Hunter"), denotes the swift, to-the-point approach that we wanted to accomplish.

We made it much simpler for property managers to navigate the system. Through design, we were able to add a cleaner tool bar, drop down menus, and sidebar menus. Within each field, the information is easier to read and some data points were also converted into eye-catching, visually appealing charts, graphs, and lists. With this, the kind of information that a property manager can quickly gather about their residents is endless. From marketing needs to basic usage, a property manager can use our ArrowPoint system to collect data that they can use in many areas of their work.

In addition, we also added many features. Mostly, we wanted to boost the messaging capability. We found that property managers needed a good, comprehensive way to mass-message their residents. Through ArrowPoint they can currently use our system to mass email the entire property, email a single individual, and post a message to the community tv channel. Additional improvements are also on the horizon.

ArrowPoint was officially launched on September 1, 2013. We quickly started hearing from our property managers who had lots of opinions about our new product. We got several valuable suggestions for improving certain aspects. For example, we have a feature that allows a property manager to suspend internet services to an account to help encourage a past due rent payment. As an aside, you wouldn't believe how quickly this gets the attention of a resident! Property mangers love this feature but wanted a way to do many accounts quickly and efficiently. So, within the first week of launch, we added in an in-line suspension option based on those suggestions alone.

"ArrowPoint is awesome. It's everything I knew I needed to know but didn't know how to find it," said one property manager after a personal walk-through of the new features.

ArrowPoint will continue to be a work in progress as we continue to develop its features to accommodate the specific needs of our property managers. Having a customized product like this for our customers is what the Elauwit experience is all about.

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