Elauwit Recognized as Service Provider of the Year For 2013

InfiniSys, the industry's leader for independent, innovative technology expertise, has named Elauwit the Service Provider for the Year for 2013. InfiniSys works with many different technology providers including AT&T, Pavlov, Korsett, and other multifamily and commercial providers. With all of the intimate knowledge they have of how many different companies work, they chose Elauwit as the best service provider for their clients.

"Elauwit's willingness to do whatever was necessary to meet the customer's demands in a very tough set of site and climatic conditions without excuses is what distinguished them from others this year," said InfiniSys' CEO, Richard Holtz.

InfiniSys worked with Elauwit on technology design and oversight of deployment on behalf of their student housing developer clients. For 2013, this includes four different developer clients across the country.

The award's purpose  is to recognize a service provider who has gone above and beyond to meet customer expectations.

"At the core of Elauwit is a team mentality. From our employees to our vendors, we have always seen ourselves working with people and nothing else. InfiniSys is one of the best examples of this as Richard [Holtz's] expertise and our abilities are often tested to provide the best technology solutions for the clients," said Bruce Sanders, Elauwit's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

"We are honored to be recognized in such a way from such a knowledgeable and highly-regarded company like InfiniSys," said Barry Rubens, Elauwit CEO. "We look forward to working with them on future products and continue to deliver the service we are known for."

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