ArrowPoint Video Tutorials

In an effort to make ArrowPoint the best experience ever for you, our Property Managers, we have developed a comprehensive training plan. The first step was to publish a User Guide. This explains in detail how to perform the more common tasks within ArrowPoint. But, there is so much more you can do in ArrowPoint and we needed an outlet to explain "why" certain functions were helpful and not just the "how." Thus, our exclusive Elauwit YouTube page. This page is private and is only available to those who have the links. Below you will find the various tutorials we've created to date. Click on the title link to be taken to that tutorial. New tutorials will be added each week. Feel free to leave questions in the comments section of the particular video or email your accounts manager. Logging On and Password Recovery Learn how to log in to ArrowPoint and what to do if you've forgotten your password.

Messaging Learn how to send individual emails to a single resident, mass emails to all residents, and post messages to your Community Channel.

Account Suspension Learn how to suspend an account via two different methods. We also cover how to change your default account suspension method in this video.

Network Statistics Learn how to make sense of the network information and what it means for your property.

Helpdesk Learn how the helpdesk works.

Resources Learn how to view and download support materials from Elauwit.

SummerLindsey Johns