It's time for the first of Elauwit Media's Holiday Gift Guides

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner, and your customers need to know what you're offering this holiday season. Take advantage of this year's hustle and bustle by advertising in The Sun Newspapers' Holiday Gift Guides! These editions of our papers are notoriously the most popular. They'll arrive on doorsteps all across Central and Southern New Jersey with a loud thump. And, now's the time to make sure you can be a part of it all. Advertising in the Holiday Gift Guide is simple...

1. CHOOSE YOUR MARKET: Who's your target?

South Jersey: 72,234 Homes (Rates) Central Jersey: 43,300 Homes (Rates)

2. CHOOSE YOUR SIZE Full Page (10.25in x 10 in) Half Page (10.25 in x 5 in) Quarter Page (6 in x 5 in) Starter (4 in x 5 in)

You can either send a print ready ad or we will work with you to design your ad at no extra cost! The first Gift Guide will be published on November 27th, and the second will be published on December 18th. Advertise in both Gift Guides and receive 10% off the cost of your ad! Deadline for the first Gift Guide is November 20th, so act fast!

If you're not sure about buying an ad, there's another way you can get featured in the Gift Guide! Best of all, it's totally free! But, you'll need to brush up on your writing skills. Send a 300- to- 350 word article to be printed in the Guide for free!

Call us ASAP to submit your ad or for any questions. 856.528.4703

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