Elauwit energy management program wins Student Housing Innovator Award


For the past eight months Elauwit Networks has been piloting a new energy management system with Energex sensors at University Towers in Raleigh, N.C. The results of their energy savings are in…and it will blow your socks off!  

University Towers, a 889 unit high-rise was able to save 10% of their total energy costs by working with Elauwit and installing the Energex sensors. An independent review by Duke Energy also confirmed that these results met or exceeded projected energy savings.


The Energex systems are designed to reduce heating and cooling costs by use of a sensor that can tell if a room is occupied. The sensors detect body mass and heat, so they wont confuse a cat for a person like the Xbox One. If a person is detected in the room, the user set heating or cooling is restored, if not Energex turns off the lights and reduces the heating and cooling.


“We have challenged ourselves to manage energy and resources better,” said Scott P. Casey, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of Education Realty Trust. With all the benefits of the Elauwit Energy program, its easily the best way for management companies to save on energy consumption while maintaining the highest standards for their residents.


The Energex equipment has been in use for 20 years in hotels, time shares, MDU properties and many other residential developments and qualifies for upto 4 LEED (Leadership in energy and environmental Design) credits. Elauwit Networks offers this service to help properties save money and be more socially responsible, saving the environment one heating and cooling bill at a time.