Elauwit crew tackles massive University of Kentucky build

The University of Kentucky is in the final stages of the build out of the second phase of its ambitious dorm-replacement project. The private developer, Memphis-based Education Realty, hired Elauwit Networks to provide all of the telecom services in all four buildings. You may remember last year when the first dorm was completed. Central Hall, which housed more than 1100 honors and VIP students for the 2013-2014 school year, was the first building completed as part of the on-campus housing overhaul. This year, three more dorms will open in four buildings.

Our techs have been busy laying the cables, piping, and network infrastructure in Champions Court, Haggin Hall, Woodland Glen for months now. We have hired numerous local technicians to handle the work and to keep the project on time for the future residents. All of the residents will use Elauwit's wired, wireless, and satellite video services.

Opening in the fall of 2014, Champions Court will house 1,167 residents in two separate buildings, Haggin Hall will house 395 residents in its one building, and Woodland Glen will house 818 residents in its one building.