EdR Managers Conference provides a great chance to connect...and have some fun


Each year, EdR hosts a week long Mangers Conference for their Community Managers and Maintenance Managers. There are contests, parties, games, learning, motivation, and lots of thanks for all the hard work in the past year.  

Barry Rubens, CEO (left); Bruce Sanders, EVP (right)

And, for Elauwit, it's a unique opportunity for us to get together with each of the properties we service. We discuss particular issues, talk about needs, and asses the overall condition of our networks.

COO Scott Davis (right) and CEO Barry Rubens (center) meet with an EdR property manager.

It also allows us to give thanks to EdR for our past year's success and celebrate all that we've been able to accomplish together in the past year. Like this, and this, and this!

EdR threw a big party for everyone including conference sponsors at The Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis, TN - the location of EdR's corporate office.

Lindsey Johns, marketing coordinator (left), Barry Rubens, CEO (middle), Bruce Sanders, EVP (right)

It was a great time catching up with everyone and we look forward to a great year ahead.

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