Check out our new website!


Screenshot from the "What We Do" section at Over the past few months we've been working hard behind the scenes of the Internet on a brand new website. And, it's finally live for the world to see.

Working with Charleston, SC based design firm, Hook, we redesigned our brand with a new color scheme and 5 overall new concepts. You'll get a feel of the former immediately and the latter as you explore the various areas of service.

It was important for us to cater to the various types of people that might be visiting our site - from a property manager who may or may not understand the concept of bulk telecom, to the most knowledgeable Chief Technology Officer of a REIT. We accomplished this with animated graphics, informative illustrations and easy to understand text.

Please check out our new site. It says a lot more about how we've grown and who we are than ever before.

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