What we're thankful for...


Thanksgiving: a holiday widely know for overeating and spending too much time with family. But, according to Wikipedia, Thanksgiving is really "a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year." So, with that in mind, we thought we'd give thanks for the many blessings we've had this year.

  1. Business partners - growth leads to new opportunities and we owe that growth to the people who believe in us.
  2. Video partners - Dish and DirecTV have really pushed the envelope for what can be done for our clients. As they excel in their industry, so do we.
  3. Internet partners - the many providers who help us deliver high-speed internet through their circuits. We'll always be eternally grateful to give our properties more bandwidth at reasonable prices.
  4. Employees - Our dedicated team invests so much time and energy to deliver on our promise of excellent customer service.
  5. End-users - The residents of our properties push to do better and do more. It is their needs that we are all working so hard to meet.
  6. Prospects - Potential clients keep us on our toes. Thinking outside of the box to give someone something new and different is a challenge that we love to accept.

You know that Thanksgiving tradition where you go around the dining table and everyone says what they are thankful for? Well, now it's your turn. We've kicked it off and would love to hear what you are grateful for this year!

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