Santa and his reindeer don't have anything on us when it comes to delivery in December

Elauwit Santa

One man is known for being very busy in December. This is Santa's month to show what he's made of and to make millions of little boys and girls happy with his jolliness and Christmas cheer.

But, we've taken on quite a feat this month as well.

In the 31 days of December we've converted six new properties that are home to nearly 5,000 residents. It's no small task, but it's what our customers needed. Not to mention, three of them were rush projects under extremely difficult conditions due to unforeseen acts of the previous data services provider. But Elauwit showed up in the days before Christmas and services were restored within hours.

All of the following off-campus student housing communities are now have Internet support by Elauwit Networks:

  • 2nd Avenue Center in Gainesville, Florida
  • The Cottages in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • District on Apache in Tempe, Arizona
  • The Exchange in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • University Club in Gainesville, Florida
In addition, we took over data service at Sebastian Commons, an on-campus property at the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith.
It's a Merry Christmas to all, indeed!
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