Making a commitment of time to your vendors


It may seem obvious: set aside some time, provide honest feedback, and reap the benefits from those conversations. But, we all get busy. There are always more important things to do. But, for us, this became a priority...a necessity...mandatory. While attending a conference a maintenance manager approached our CEO (probably not realizing he was talking to the head of the company because who's CEO attends leadership conferences? But, ours does. I digress) to voice some concerns about ongoing problems they were having with video services. The maintenance manager complimented our call center for handling each resident's issue, but he wanted us to know that there was a bigger problem. A problem that wasn't going away with a few remote troubleshooting calls. A problem that was effecting renewals and, ultimately, lease ups.

After that conversation, we conducted a survey, held a focus group, pulled resources, updated equipment, and ultimately found a solution for their problems at a low cost. It got us thinking about the other properties out there that were experiencing the same issues, but not being as loud about them.

That manager may have thought it was a shot in the dark to say something, but he unintentionally launched a program within Elauwit that has us rethinking the importance of forcing our clients and ourselves to make time for each and every property in our portfolio.

Since then, we've made a commitment of time to each of our clients. We want to sit down with them - physically, face-to-face - and perform an Annual Technology Review. The purpose is to review bandwidth and take a high-level overview of the network and technology health of each property. We report call center statistics, survey results, and discuss any concerns we each might have with equipment, technicians, and uncompleted work. We discuss any marketing support that has been made available as well as potentially unknown opportunities to improve the knowledge base of the residents.

With a couple of these reviews behind us, we've found huge successes. Sitting down, talking openly and honestly, and taking action has improved upon the services at those properties, but also on the relationships we have with those clients.

This week, that same CEO that was approached at the conference gave a speech to property managers (in our portfolio and outside). He didn't talk about technology, or even Elauwit for that matter. Instead, he wanted each of them to know they have a voice and we are listening.



2015 will bring more clients and more residents than we've ever had. The farther we move toward "success" the closer we want to be with those who make us successful. How's that for a resolution?

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