Behind the scenes: Prep for Student Housing move-ins


In the month of August and some of September nearly all of America's collegiate population moves in to their brand new apartments. For the Student Housing industry and its vendors like us, this season is hectic and very exciting. There are a lot of little detailed items on our to-do lists that make move-ins all that much easier for the property staff and their new residents. We work with a local printer in Columbia, SC, The Graphics Source to get some much needed support materials printed and shipping to each of our properties.

Today, the team at TGS is hard at work printing some stickers we will place on the media panels. They posted this super-cool Instagram video and we thought we'd share it!

Cut the stickers, cut the stickers!!!

A video posted by The Graphics Source (@graphicssource) on

So, you see, we're not just a telecom company…we are, in fact, a customer service company at our core delivering our clients the tools and materials they need to do their jobs better!

Happy move-in!

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