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Recently, our sales team attended the Interface Seniors Housing Business Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. We have made our name in the Student Housing industry and many of us are curious as to how the two might be different…or exactly the same. So, upon their return, our attendees spilled the beans on some key take-aways, opinions about their experience, and the state of Seniors Housing as it relates to telecom.

The most fascinating aspect of the Interface Senior SE conference was the almost equal emphasis that developers and operators placed on property-wide connectivity for the staff as well as the residents.  In student housing, bandwidth is a huge talking point, whereas a reliable and ubiquitous connection (while still equally as important in student housing) is a much bigger talking point and concern for developers and operators of senior housing. This, combined with many different types of community design and care facilities throughout not just an operator's portfolio, but often times even the property itself, allow for many unique challenges in the senior housing technology space.

- Casey Scott


"I found the purpose-built senior housing market to be dominated today by a need for bulk resident television programming and extensive Internet for operations at the property. And as applications and management software for medical care, wander care, fall reporting, and numerous other things continue to expand, the need for a managed data and wifi solution across the property will grow. And at some point, there seems to be an awareness that resident Internet requirements will follow.

Today the properties seem focused on generating revenue and return on investment through the use of Internet and data-based solutions/applications.
I was impressed with the extensive considerations given to the nature and quality of care for residents, regardless of their current life status."
- Bruce Sanders


"With an estimated 300 people in attendance, the Second Annual Interface Seniors Housing Southeast conference has gained good momentum.  I found this to be a good sized event to network and meet industry experts.Although Wi-Fi is a fairly new concept to this industry, it was definitely on the forefront of many sessions and sidebar discussions.  It seems that the main focus for most owners right now is to deploy a Wi-Fi solution for the administrative staff as this will lead to better efficiency and effectiveness of their care staff.  Also, all third party vendor Applications and the demands of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) require a robust Wi-Fi network.

With that being said, resident Wi-Fi is becoming a required amenity similar to the student housing market about 5 years ago.  As the next generation of seniors start to move into these facilities, resident Wi-Fi will more than likely supersede the demand of conventional cable TV.  Owners will need to start “future proofing” their properties in order to stay relevant to the resident needs.

Overall, this conference was a great success based on the information gathered and the contacts made."

-Scott McGee


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