Fiber optic internet ROI and how you can get it now


A study by RVA LLC Market Research and Consulting found that fiber optic internet adds roughly $5,250 to the value of a $300,000 home. A British study found that people in London are willing to pay 8 percent above market prices for homes and apartments that have high speed internet. With data like that, condos/co-ops and apartments should be starving for next-generation Internet networks — not just to watch more Netflix, but to make their units more marketable and increase the value of their homes.

"Cities and towns across the country are beginning to see next generation internet access as a necessity, citing its impact on property values, rents, and overall economic health,” writes Jason Koebler for

In fact, more than 1,000 cities have asked Google Fiber to build these types of high-speed networks in their communities. But Google can’t keep up, and will take many years (maybe a decade) to reach that many communities.

So, the natural question to leaders of condo and co-op boards is: If you can have that kind of killer network in your building today, wouldn’t you do it?

That’s where Elauwit comes in.

We have been at the forefront of providing next-generation, super-fast telecom networks to multi-family by being one of the largest boutique providers in the U.S. for the off-campus student housing market, arguably the most technology-demanding segment of the population.

Armed with the proficiency in building and managing superior telecom networks, we started a special sales project aimed at the condo, co-op and apartment market. We’re starting our focus in the Northeast, because of the density there, but can provide this service anywhere in the U.S.

We’ve hired Jeff Earnhart to run this sales effort. He’s based in our Haddonfield, N.J. office.

Jeff has worked in several industries over the past 17 years. He founded two small businesses, both in the Design and Construction Industry, while also starting multiple networking and business groups in Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Jeff’s passion in business and in life is bringing people and institutions together for a common benefit.

Jeff says, “I see my role at Elauwit Networks to bring property managers and association boards together to achieve their long-term telecommunication goals and make them viable, both financially and technologically, for years to come.”

“When you put a new kitchen or bathroom in your condo, you’ll be lucky to ever extract the value of that investment,” said Dan McDonough, co-chairman and former chief executive of Elauwit, who is helping to direct this special project. “But the data we’re seeing for investment in telecom infrastructure provides an ROI that is both immediate and exponential!”

If you would like to learn more about how Elauwit can provide you with that ROI, please contact Jeff Earnhart at


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