Don't buy into Google/AT&T hype just yet


Last week, the blogosphere was all abuzz about AT&T's announcment to extend their FTTH (Fiber to the Home) service to new and existing multi-dwelling units (MDU's). The program, called AT&T Connected Communities is targeting property owners, management groups, and developers to deliver the 1 Gbps GigaPower directly into more units. Which got us thinking...."meh"?

FTTH isn’t a new concept to the MDU environment.  Over the past few years, student housing properties have been requesting these types of speeds to keep up with demand from residents.  In fact, Elauwit installed fiber directly to the unit in properties like a downtown Seattle high-rise condominium years ago. In addition, Elauwit has long been providing FTTH types of speeds so long as the property owner is willing to pay for it. But, we're not convinced that this much speed is practical right now. We find that these types of speeds are more for marketing than practical use as most hardware and software isn’t able to utilize the increased bandwidth.

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But, as you know, things are changing all the time...especially with regards to technology. Just 5 years ago, the iPad was just being unveiled for the first time...and since then, it's seen three major iterations (air, mini, and pro) and six versions have been released each boasting the latest and greatest technology.

Telecom isn't that different. Elauwit focuses on custom solutions for today’s needs and we try to “future proof” as much as a possible. We think the best thing an owner can do is prepare the infrastructure for what is perceived as future technology, which can be tricky. (See: BetaMax and HD DVD).  Consulting experts in the industry, like Elauwit, will help to navigate this technological minefield more effectively.

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Our suggestions for owners are to:

1) not buy into the hype of Gigabit just yet

2) be cautious when planning new developments

3) install infrastructure that can be utilized for fiber or whatever new cabling is around in 5-10 years

4) and as painful as it might seem, spend time with technology experts to in order to make an educated decision for your property

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