Get a look inside the world's most expensive student housing apartments


It's no secret that college living has come a long way. For years student housing communities have been playing one amazing game of "one up" when it comes to amenities. Lazy River at Osprey Fountains

From a lazy river at Osprey Fountains at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville to free maid service at The Callaway House at the University of Texas in Austin and light adjusting floor-to-ceiling windows at Morgens Hall at The University of Cincinnati to a giant ball pit at Simmons Hall at MIT, today's student housing is next level.

Simmons Hall's ball pit







National Real Estate Investors says amenities like these are becoming the norm for student housing properties:

“We are seeing quite a few coffee bars and lounges,” says Taylor Gunn, a research analyst for Axiometrics Inc. Other common amenities and services include fitness programs or studios, arcade games, cyber cafés, heated parking and outdoor fireplaces or fire pits.

But, all that luxury and fun comes at a price.

And, no one knows that more than Fountain House apartments in London, England whose units rent for up to £21,000 or $31,831.48...a month! With that hefty price tag comes a manned hotel-style concierge desk, a 24-hour porter service, 16-foot ceilings, stone flooring, walk-in wardrobes, stone worktops in the kitchen, and a free-standing bath.

The massive foyer at Fountain House.

No matter where you are in the world, if you are a student there is one amenity that you can't live without. And, no, it's not an in-unit fireplace like Durfee at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut. It's Internet. Fast, wireless, and always on.

Multi-Family Executive Magazine wrote an article late last year discussing 5 Key Student Housing Amenities of which, Internet was listed as No. 1.

“The most important thing in student housing has become the Internet," says Richard Holtz, CEO of Infinisys Electronic Architects. "And the second-most important thing is the Internet and the third most-important thing is the Internet."

They also noted that the Internet amenity has proven perceived value:

“We are finding that students are willing to pay more for premium bandwidth versus basic bandwidth, not unlike the days when there were basic cable and premium cable,” says Miles Orth, executive vice president and COO of Campus Apartments.

Fountain House has it should. If you're commanding top-dollar for your apartments, then you should, too. Give us a call to see how it can improve your bottom line.