What can you do when FiOS doesn’t show up?


What do you do when a major telecommunications company doesn’t quite get high-speed fiber Internet to your community? If you're one of 14 Mayors in the Northeast, you write a civil, but stern open letter to the CEO. The Mayors of New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Newark, Jersey City, Buffalo, Worcester, Paterson, Syracuse, Lowell, Albany, Brockton, Trenton, and Revere wrote a collective letter to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam complaining to the company for its slow rollout of FiOS, among other things.

The letter begins:

As the Mayors of 14 major cities along the East Coast, representing over 12 million residents, we are writing to voice our concern at your company’s failure to meet the needs of our constituents for access to state-of-the-art fiber optic cable service.

They go on to claim that there are millions of residents in communities throughout the Northeast who have been left without service, and with no plan or promise for future resolution. And they go so far as to accuse Verizon of failing to meet contractual or legislative deadlines in New York City, Pittsburgh, Jersey City, and Newark. They claim Verizon has simply refused to build FiOS at all in Syracuse, Worcester, Lowell, and Albany.

The Mayors conclude the letter by saying:

Vigorous competition to provide the most advanced services at the lowest prices is a goal our cities share. We also believe deeply in closing the digital divide and ensuring that our city residents have the same choices of providers as the affluent suburbs.

Engadget, which interestingly is under the AOL umbrella which was acquired by Verizon, is reporting that Verizon "is downplaying the letter, claiming that there's "no news" and insisting that it has always met its FiOS promises."

Outside of the “he said, she said,” those living in multi-family properties have the option to get FiOS-like service without having to wait for Verizon. That’s where Elauwit can help. You can’t always rely on big businesses to deliver for your residents. But, that doesn't mean they have to live without the fastest Internet speeds. As the letter states, residents use the Internet to search for jobs, build home-based businesses, educate their children and engage in the civic life of our cities.

So, instead of depending on the hope that a big company with a "poor service record, lack of transparency and accountability, or demands for exclusive agreements with landlords throughout the region," you need a partner. You need a company that sees the value in providing your community with the tools it needs to thrive in this digital age.

You need Elauwit.

It is unclear what is the hold up with Verizon's fiber rollout, but Elauwit can get you what you need quickly. So, if you're looking for a teammate that you can depend on, that's open and honest, and wants your community to thrive, reach out. We're ready to step in when the big telecommunications companies won't.