How Senior Living developers should plan for telecom


Having the right infrastructure for your property’s data network is what’s most important. That was the message when Elauwit CTO Taylor Jones was interviewed at the 2nd annual InterFace Seniors Housing SouthEast conference, where he discussed the specific strategies senior housing developers should consider regarding their properties’ telecommunications networks. During the conversation, Michael Bull, of the Commercial Real Estate Show, asked Jones a range of questions — from how to use telecommunications to increase efficiency, to what technologies are coming that would be important for the assisted living and senior living communities.

"Part of what we're talking about today is making sure the right infrastructure is in place," Jones said, "Making sure it's engineered correctly, and that the concept of what you’re actually trying to provide technology for is actually planned prior to the building going up."

When asked specifically about technology, Jones said there are a lot of applications that senior housing developers should be considering.

"There's a lot more going into it than throwing an access point up on the ceiling and expecting it to work. There's the residents’ demands of what they want to use it for in terms of entertainment, there's the medical records side of it, as well as the operational products and tools that the staffs are using these days — such as iPads, tablets, wearables, pendants and things like that that the residents are getting as a service through the communities," he said.

Bull also asked Jones to elaborate on some of the cost-effective, newer technologies that are coming down the pipe.

"A lot of it is the adoption of EMR (Emergency Medical Records) at the lowest level staff. One operator here buys the Kindle Fire for his staff. They're cheap, they can basically pull up the information while their on the community network, handle the need of the resident, post the data there, and the doctors can get to it in real time. That type of technology is happening today and it's only going to happen more," Jones expects.

He added, "I think about the Apple Watch, the embeddables, and Google Glass-type products that are coming down the line and what that's going to change. You could have your lower-level nurse wearing the Google Glass-type product and a doctor in another part of the practice actually viewing in real-time with that nurse to help diagnose through the network."

Bull and Jones went on to anticipate what it will be like to put their own parents into assisted living and how telecommunication amenities are impacting which properties today's seniors are ultimately moving into.

"You're actually one of the decision makers. You want technology so that when you're at their community, you have access to the products you traditionally use at your house. If you want to visit your parents for a week and want to be able to do work, you need to have a resident wireless network that family members can take advantage of," Jones said.

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