Post-grad millennials need amenities, too


Today's college students are living it up in luxury apartments across the country as developers of student housing have been catering to the upscale mindset of millennials for years. Infinity pools, on-site gyms, high-end design finishes, and, yes, included blazing-fast internet are all the norm now for college apartments.  

But, what happens when those students graduate and head off to live in the "real" world. Do they all of a sudden lower their expectations and settle for any old apartment with run-of-the-mill amenities. Of course not. They expect to be able to find a apartment just like the one they're moving out of, if not nicer.


It's about time developers caught on.


A recent NY Times article profiles the Philadelphia market for these young professionals. Home to Drexel University and UPenn, among many others, the pool of graduates is not slim. And, catering to them is an up-and-coming trend.


"Near college campuses around the country, developers have begun building luxury housing for the staff, not the students," New York Times reporter Ronda Kaysen writes. "Tapping into a desire among some younger workers to live in walkable, urban communities, these developers have discovered that a college neighborhood can fit that bill, as students are no longer the only ones who want to live near campus."


Now that we've addressed location, what about amenities? You can give them a shiny, new building, but without the benefits they've come to know in student housing, it's just an over-priced rental.


This infographic highlights the amenities millennials crave.


Proving that student housing life is bleeding over into post-grad life, millennial renter must-haves include walk-in closets, in-unit laundry, and walk-out balconies. The amenities they value include a fitness center, parking, and a pool. The extra perks that seal the deal are strong customer support, high-end finishes, and property-wide wifi.


For the latter, Elauwit has the experience needed to appease these demanding yet lucrative renters.


"Our many years in student housing telecom has prepared us to handle the next phase for young professionals after living at school,” said Elauwit Founder and Chairman Dan McDonough. "And Elauwit knows better than anybody how to give them the type of customer service and internet experience that these tenants have come to expect.”


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