Our take on broadband privacy protections


Earlier this month, the FCC voted to begin a process that would require ISPs to be transparent about the data they're collecting, and provide users with working opt-out tools. If it seems basic, it is. If it seems like a long time coming. It is.

"Today’s proposal would give all consumers the tools we need to make informed decisions about how our ISPs use and share our data, and confidence that ISPs are keeping their customers’ data secure," FCC boss Tom Wheeler stated.

At Elauwit, we we don’t sell your data as we are here to support you. However, Amazon and Google are there to sell you ads and provide advertisers with user profiles to which they can use to target buyers online.

"We provide the fastest and cleanest solutions possible, with minimal latency. The consumer then elects to have privacy compromised by using particular sites or accepting the End User License Agreements at these sites," says Elauwit CTO, Taylor Jones. “But on the front end, we do what we can to protect our end users."

"None of what's being proposed is a very big deal, and nearly all of it are things responsible ISPs and companies are already doing (opt out tools, transparency)," DSIreports.com states in their report of the ruling.

And, we agree.

"Transparency is good. We have to remember that broadband is a ‘utility’. As consumers and retailers, we need to know what is happening under our noses," Jones says.

For more information about what Elauwit can do to protect your residents from privacy issues, email us or call at 800.948.5874.