Nothing but pride at our recent All-Hands meeting


We recently held our fall 2016 All-hands meeting at our Network Operations Center in Columbia, SC. In attendance were our employees based out of Columbia, obviously, but also Charleston and Dallas - a total of 53 people in all. The main topic of conversation was the completion of Student Housing turn. We reviewed the stellar improvements in our call center and their ability to handle the near 12,000 phone calls we received in the month of August alone.

In addition we celebrated getting our 100,000th end user. Technically we have more than 120,000 people using our network but we reached the awesome milestone of serving 100,000 residents this year.

As we move through the remainder of this calendar year and into 2017, we remain focused on providing the best customer service to our clients and their end users. To do this, we are establishing a strong connection among our employees and giving them an experience that can be passed along to the customers and clients they come in contact with.