Compliments pouring in from 2016 Student Housing Turn


Now that the dust has settled and all of our student residents are moved into their new apartments, it's been a good chance for our clients to assess how move-ins went. One of them, EdR, has glowing reviews for our teams specifically addressing hold times for the call center, resident complaints about service, and our ArrowPOINT emergency notification center. "I didn't hear one complaint during move in at any of our properties that was something other than a few residents struggling with connecting their devices," Scott Casey, EdR's CTO said in an email to all of our employees.

He continued, "I didn't hear a word about long hold times when call for support."

And, after a violent man attacked someone near one of their properties in Tennessee, the property staff was able to use our ArrowPOINT emergency notification system to alert residents via text message of the situation and were able to keep the residents safe.

"We needed to alert our residents immediately to get in their apartments and stay inside. The ArrowPOINT text module worked great," Casey said.

EdR's COO, Christine Richards also noted the on-time delivery for all new developments, all circuits landing on time, and the success of converting a property during the busy season with limited area resources.

Our success for EdR during 2016 can only be described as impressive and each one of our teams had a part in this overwhelming success. It's one of the main points we are driving home internally, so it's great to see those messages paying off in the product of our work.

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