4 ways property technicians can give residents exactly what they want

Technology plays a critical role in attracting new residents — as well as keeping current ones — in apartment housing. Once a “high-end” amenity, quality Internet access now is a core requirement. And, as residents continue to get more and more savvy, it’s up to the property to give them what they expect.

What residents have grown to expect is the same (or better) experiences they encounter on a regular basis in their daily lives.

Here are four ways you can give residents what they’ve come to expect from technology at home:

1  |   Internet On The House

Whether it’s at the coffee shop or the park, free Internet is everywhere. So, why should it be any different at home? The offering of included Internet has been a staple in the student housing industry for years. There is undoubtedly an expectation that the apartment buildings students move into after their college apartments should also include Internet.

2 |  High-tech Security Solutions

A recent NMHC survey of 120,000 renters across five metro areas (Boston, Miami, Denver, Houston and Seattle) really says it all. Participants voted it the fourth most desirable amenity placing it right behind parking, pools, and gyms. It’s a trend that has been taking over suburbia for a while with digital locks and security camera systems. So, it’s no surprise that it’s being demanded of multi-family residents as well.

3  |  Energy-saving Solutions

As residents get younger and the focus on going green continues to grow in interest, the demand for energy-saving options is on the rise. Recycling programs are a growing a trend, tying secure building access for fourth place in the above-mentioned NMHC survey. LEED-certified construction has been around for decades, and can we talk about the popularity of electric cars? Providing some way to help residents feel good about their impact on the environment at home is important.

4  |  Highly-capable Customer Service

What has made places like Starbucks, Apple, Amazon, and Chick-fil-A stand out from the rest? Superior customer service, that’s what. And, contrary to popular belief, there are telecom companies that provide such service to your residents. It starts with an in-house, U.S.-based customer service team, dedicated field reps, and a positive attitude.

Elauwit is able to provide your property with each of these must-have amenities. Our bulk Internet solutions give residents the high-speed Internet they demand with the opportunity for the property to grow as technology changes. We have the ability to install any security measures your property needs from cameras (and monitoring) to keyless entry. And we can deliver a proven method for keeping HVAC costs down. Finally, our award-winning customer service constantly provides an experience like no other for YOUR residents.

If it’s something your residents expect, you can expect for us to deliver.

Lindsey Johns