Free and open internet lives on in your community

Elauwit began with a simple proposition – every multifamily owner and resident is better served by partnering with us as their ISP. Elauwit designs, installs and manages community-wide networks owned by the property. We’ve proven our proposition time and again as we have grown to serve hundreds of communities in over 40 states.

Our communities and residents get great service from Elauwit: fair pricing, no surprises, “above and beyond” customer care, and secure private networks. That’s who we are; no one does it better.

This remains true because we empower community owners to give residents a free and open internet, no matter the actions of government regulators.

Now when it comes to government policy and regulation, there are trade-offs to every one of them. The FCC recently voted to end the regulations governing net neutrality. Some favor this, some oppose it. Some say ending regulation will fuel the investment needed to keep America’s internet on pace with other countries. Some say it comes at a cost to innovation. We’re still way too far out to know what any of this ultimately means, but that doesn’t matter much when Elauwit manages a community.

What we at Elauwit know is this – the best way to protect the internet in your communities is for the property to own the network, partner with us, and get the managed services and support experience you want and residents deserve. In this way, the community is empowered by Elauwit to decide what net neutrality means for your staff and residents. You can proudly promise your residents, “We partner with Elauwit so we can assure residents get nothing less than a full and open Internet – fair, consistent and neutral with no blocking, no throttling, and no paid prioritization.”

If you reside in one of the communities we serve, you can rest assured your property owner has taken the steps to protect you to the greatest extent possible, regardless of the whims of regulatory policy. Your community has your back!

If you own one of the communities we serve, your decisions in how you provide connectivity have been validated. Today, you are a hero to your residents because you partnered with Elauwit and have protected their access to a free and open internet.

Lindsey Johns