Finding energy savings in new and existing housing communities

In this recent article from Scott Casey, EdR's CTO & SVP of Strategic Business Development, property managers and owners are encouraged to consider new and interesting options for energy savings. He challenges anyone that just assumes utility costs will rise and there's nothing that can be done about it. 

It’s time to put that passive thinking to rest because the advancements and the connectivity inherent in modern environmental equipment and business intelligence platforms that improve the decision process can result in cost savings and quick return on investments.
— Scott Casey, CTO & SVP of Strategic Business Development at EdR

Casey says that at EdR, they have partnered with Blue Sky Power and Elauwit to develop a master energy program. He anticipates that they'll reduce their energy spend by 20%. With our help, EdR has been able to implement at least two key areas where they can off-set their properties utilities.

  • Smart Devices: We are installing a variety of smart devices that generate savings in multiple ways. We are able to manage thermostats remotely and reduce run-time cycles of the HVAC system when the apartments are vacant thus reducing utility costs and wear and tear on the systems. We’ve seen a return on investment of one to two years on this equipment.
  • Using connectivity effectively: WiFi everywhere is the standard at all of our properties, and it is useful for more than just social media and streaming. Using internet capable equipment and smart home technology, we are able to monitor existing systems and have created the foundation for managing many more aspects of our facilities and make adjustments that can head off an expensive calamity like pipes freezing while students are away on break.

If you're interested in saving on your properties utilities and are curious how we can help you in the same ways we've helped EdR, give us a call. 

Lindsey Johns