6-word stories about Elauwit by Elauwit employees

At our recent All-Hands meeting, our employees were tasked with writing Ernest Hemingway-inspired stories

As the tale goes, Hemingway was challenged by his pals to write a story using just six words. He wrote:

For sale:
baby shoes,
never worn.

When finished, he said it was his best work.

So, as we continue to write our story, telling people how we keep people connected using the latest technologies and excellent customer experiences, we though it would be interesting to see what story our employees would write. So, we divided them into six random groups and challenged them to write a six-word story about Elauwit. 

Here's what they wrote:


It was a fun challenge that everyone enjoyed. Want to play along? Tweet us @elauwit a six word story about you or your company. 

Lindsey Johns