Elauwit prepares for Turn with "Office Space"-themed makeover

During this time of year, we'll do anything for a little bit of fun and a laugh. We created a "turn committee" last year and tasked them to come up with fun activities for everyone during the six-week period of student housing move-ins known as Turn.

This year, we decided to knock-off a classic movie, Office Space

Here's the announcement:

We will have a cook-out for lunch on Thursday, August 3rd so that “we can TALK about your Flair!"

Why Thursday & not Monday you ask  ~ because “Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays” after all of our weekend move-ins!

Dispatch will not be “jumping to conclusions” when scheduling our techs because Tier 3 “Fixed the Glitch!" 

And we all need a little fun since Scott Davis & Chris Flores have both said “Mmmm, yeahhh.  I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday!" 

You can tell we are taking this very seriously!

Here are some pictures of our Columbia office:

So, here's to a successful Turn that's more fun than it is stressful!

Lindsey Johns