Elauwit celebrates over 112,000 student move-ins with "End of Turn" party

The dust is settling and we are starting to see each other's eyes as they look away from our desks for the first time in weeks. That's because student housing turn is almost at an end!

This year, Elauwit supports student communities that are moving in more than 112,000 residents. That's a ton of work for us when you start counting up the number of accounts per day, devices being registered (generally at the tune of more than 3 per resident), and all the resident support that goes into it.

It is no small feat and needless to say all hands are on deck during this time. It can be pretty stressful for our Operations and Dispatch teams, so to celebrate surviving another student housing move-in season, we threw a little party.

To coincide with our peak season, we also held a contest. Team members were recognized for representing Elauwit’s values or exemplifying the “Elauwit Experience” by attaining "flair" (a la the movie Office Space).


Our top flair earners were:

Eric Pate, dispatch, 10 pieces
Gerald Williams, dispatch, 9 pieces
Stuart Smith, field operations, 9 pieces
Ericka Glenn, dispatch, 9 pieces
Lindsay Schutte, dispatch, 9 pieces
Dean Clyde, purchasing/inventory, 8 pieces

Each time flair was awarded, the team member's name was added to a drawing. Our grand prize winner, George Saenz, walked away with a gift basket filled with Elauwit swag, a copy of the Office Space movie, popcorn & movie theatre candy.

Congratulations to George, but also to the entire Elauwit team for excelling through our largest and most successful turn yet.

Lindsey Johns